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Yoga is more than a system of physical exercise; it is a practice that extends into and enriches every area of our lives. Going on retreat gives us an opportunity to deepen a practice which integrates our bodies, minds and spirits.

In 2017, Parkolife is proud to open up three brand new and very special yoga retreats based around the theme of



With love as the focus, you will strengthen your yoga practice and dive into its holistic benefits, to bring transformation to your body, your emotions and your day to day life.

On the mat we will:

Connect body and breath using pranayama techniques
Access the power of the interior locks or bandhas to maximise the physical and mental benefits of the practice
Connect the individual asanas in flowing, fluid sequences of vinyasa flow.
Off the mat, we will use our practice as a jumping off point to expand our understanding of, and capacity to receive, love. As we experience love in our lives, we become aware of what is possible for ourselves, and of the potential that opens up when we connect fiercely and tenderly with others.

Love can change us, love can change the world.

These retreats take place on the island of Kithira, known in ancient Greek mythology the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love. Its tranquil coves, clear waters and laid back community make it the ideal place to explore the different aspects of love. Every retreat includes plenty of free time to soak up the environment of this beautiful island and explore its landscape and wildlife.

Hosted by


, each retreat focuses on a different facet of love.


A retreat for anyone experiencing love as a challenging, difficult or painful aspect of your life right now. This might follow the end of a romantic relationship, old or new; a breach of trust in a familial bond or friendship; or any other manifestation of the shadow side of love.
This retreat is also suitable for those currently in a relationship but feeling the need to work through a previous experience of broken-heartedness.
We will use gentle yet powerful twists, backbends and hip openers to expand your spine, awaken your capacity for healing and release stored tension, sadness and anger.
You will leave with a renewed sense of belonging in your body; a trust in your ability to heal and recover from heartache, and a gentle openness to the potential to experience love anew.

The feeling of brokenheartedness is a tender place from which to rediscover our own power, and examine our relationship to other and to ourselves. In this healing retreat, you will move mindfully through change by bringing attention to the growth as opposed to the contraction of the soul.

We will use sequences flowing around twists and backbends to open the hips and awaken the spine. Twisting in yoga begins from deep within the pelvis, activating the inner body, compressing the internal organs, and facilitating the purification of the body from inside out.

Backbends open the heart and stimulate the nervous system, allowing you to gain control of your emotions, and awakening a sense of spaciousness and possibility within the spine itself.

We will also be working towards the yoga splits (Hanumanasana), stretching and opening up your pelvis intensely, activating the core and Mula Bandha to facilitate the release of your quadriceps and hamstrings.

This retreat is for women only.
Suitable for all levels of yoga.


This retreat is for those in relationship with a partner, seeking to use that connection as a catalyst to expand emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
We will use balancing poses to integrate our emotional and physical landscapes, learning how to retain our strength and sense of self within the passionate emotion and physical connection we experience in relationship.
You will leave with a feeling of ease with your body, groundedness, joy and acceptance, ready to bring a renewed passion to your interactions with your partner.
Through our daily practice, we will seek to balance some of the intense aspects of love with another with a deepening connection to ourselves.

Balance in yoga is a dynamic meditation wherein all parts of the body recognize and gravitate to your centerline, allowing you to hold positions in various orientations.

In this retreat, you will focus on the essence of balancing and building strength starting with your core, and using your pelvic floor, legs, arms, and feet to help you find balance and harmony from the inside out.

We will also be playing with grounding sequences and arm balances like Bakasana (crow/crane pose), building strength and stability in the shoulder girdle leading to the inner strength that lets you power through challenging situations with ease.

This retreat is for women only.
Suitable for all levels of yoga.


A retreat exploring love in its widest and most universal sense, for those wishing to bring more love into their practice
We will discover love as a manifestation of the second and fourth chakras, and as a foundation of yoga as a practice and of our relationship with our mind, body and spirit.
We will be building core strength, forward folds and inversions, including work towards more advanced asanas You will return to your daily routine relaxed, renewed and with a sense of inner peace and deep love for your self, your life and those around you.
On this retreat we will be channelling the grace and clarity of the island we are on, and its mythological connection with the goddess Aphrodite, to find an open-hearted simplicity and inner balance.

Core strength is an integral part of a solid yoga practice that when tapped, engages the muscles of the spine, the inner muscles of the pelvis, allowing you to lift yourself off the ground, elevating your practice and creating a centered body and mind. It is the foundation of the strength and body awareness that will allow us to safely work into postures like Handstand, Tripod Headstand, and Bridge.

Forward Folds in yoga stretch the hamstrings and calves, expand into the inner spaces of the pelvis, and elongate the back muscles in a balance of strength and surrender that calms and quiets the mind. We will also use targeted movements to strengthen the muscles within the shoulder region all work together to create a stable foundation for a sound and continually progressing asana practice.

This retreat is for women and men.
Suitable for those with some experience of yoga, who are willing to explore more advanced poses.


We hope that everyone drawn to coming on retreat with Parko will find a retreat which resonates with them. The retreats are designed for those with open minds, prepared to allow themselves to be vulnerable and to consider their stories through new eyes.


Retreats one and two are for women only, men are welcome for retreat three. Please also note that retreat three is designed for those with some previous experience of yoga, as although full instruction will be give we will be exploring more advanced asanas including arm balances.

Beyond that, we invite you to choose the retreat you are most drawn to, and trust that your intuition will guide you. If you are having real trouble deciding which retreat to choose, please contact Chiara to find out which one is most suitable for you.


Our retreats follow a structure designed to bring maximum benefits for our practice. Days begin with breathwork followed by a light breakfast before our first yoga session. A healthy brunch is served, before free time to relax, explore the island; read, or spend time on the beach or enjoying our local surf station. We also offer two excursions to visit local sites of interest and learn more about the history and culture of Kithira.

Our evenings will include a range of workshops allowing you to explore different aspects of your experience, and connect your physical practice with your emotional journey, as well as fitness classes and workshops on palmistry and caviarage. Every retreat ends with a very special final dinner at a secret location on the island.

We encourage you to listen to your body on retreat and no activity is compulsory – if you prefer to rest or spend time alone at any point, please ask.

The retreats take place on the beautiful island of Kithira, the most wild and beautiful of all the Greek islands. We will practice in Zeidoros, an amphitheatre and under a 2000 year olive tree. The local wildlife is an integral part of the experience, so we welcome anyone who is comfortable practicing in a natural setting and connecting to the outdoors.

Yoga Retreat for heart broken women


From the 2nd to the 8th July 2017

Location: Kithira-Greece

Yoga Retreat For Women in Love

DATE: 3rd - 9th September

LOCATION: Kithira-Greece

Yoga Retreat  "I ❤ Yoga"



Location: Kithira-Greece


"Make each day your masterpiece" John Wooden