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ParkoLife | 3rd Capoeira Festival

This video edited by Giorgios Didimiotis and Pavlos Coroneos is a testimonial of what's happening during the Capoeira Festival in Greece.

Capoeira represents a unique approach to life, where joy, movements and music melt together.

Well, you have this elements in most of the festivals around the planet, so what does it make really unique is something else: the environment= The Island of Kythira. The second island in the all Mediterranean sea with the most variety of nature as grass, spices, flowers and minerals. A whole planet of wildness and goodness at the disposal of its habitants (and tourisms).

This edition -in 2016- is a mile stone for the veterans of the festival as it includes other activities as Fitness, Yoga (Vinyasa and Hatha) and Aerial Workshops.

As last, we are proud to include in the activity circle "Open Lecture", an plain air time to share, to discuss and to learn from everybody experience about travel, immigration and social issues.

We consider ourself as habitants of this planet called World, quenching for more, seeking new lifestyles, turning the globe upside down. And, 'course, we love what we do...

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ParkoLife | 10 characteristics of a good educator

You remember Matina? The warrior mother I mention in my second post? The one who attacks life? She is a professor at the University of Crete, Rethymnon, teaching English.

On my quest of expansion, I always ask my clients about their job or something they are good at. As I teach them, try to learn from them as well. It s a mutual exchange.

What I asked Matina was, "what makes you a good teacher?"

And she replies with this great list...

1. Patience

2. Compassion

3. Knowledge

4. Ability to convey knowledge

5. Respect for his/her students

6. To be humble

7. To be flexible and adjustable

8. Never do what he/she demands from the students not to do

9. Ability to surpass the restrictions of the lesson and communicate ideas and values that are not in the books

10. To be always remembered by his/her students with love and respect

Guys, dont think the above list is just for teachers. It is for everyone who passes knowledge to someone else.

I challenge you to consider which ones of the above you do. Try to add one more to your arsenal.

You have nothing to lose. Just to get better!

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ParkoLife | What to write on ParkoLife blog?

What to write on the blog...

I will make no introduction. Sorry. I believe you can understand what I m gonna write from the title. So straight to the point.

I was discussing with Chiara the point of writing posts and the true purpose of the blog. Thus the question I asked myself was: " If i was a traveller and Chania was one of my destinations, what would be my experience from this place?".

So I decided to start passing you material - experiences from everyday life and how I relate them to the rest of the world. Because, yes my friend, this place is unique and things occur in a different way and rhythm than the rest of the globe.

I will give you interesting stories of people I interact with, I train, I meet and how each one of them is fascinating. Questions they ask me ( Ha, this is going to be funny!) and how they view the world. Also, what s their progress through my training/lifestyle program and what's the impact of this new material in such a small community like Chania. Of course I will include material for sports, fitness, nutrition, self improvement, coaching and travelling.

I will try the posts to be quick and easy to read and straight to the point.

Obviously what you gonna read is part of my personal opinion, which many times is unusual and out of the ordinary....I suppose! But trust me, deep down there is a purpose and a subliminal message.

And this is where I want to get. To my message for you!

How each one of you reading this blog could take each message and apply it in his/her life and get one step further. How you re going to improve in a personal and eventually in a community level. Full stop.

Last thing. You might spend 2-4 min to read the stories I share. But if you dont take action, you simply lost your time.

Because theory without practice is like bike without wheels. You have it but can't use it.

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"You are in good hands " ParkoLife