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ParkoLife | The top 5 Yoga retreat destinations in Europe, and Why.

The Old Continent is home of some of the most attractive destinations for yoga practitioners all over the world. Yoga retreats in Europe might not have the same ancient yogic tradition as the ones in Asia, but they sure have learned how to organize a great yoga holiday that combines this millennial yoga knowledge with the characteristic European flavors, a very rich culture and the magnificent places of the territory.

Ready? Let's go!


With 376 retreats currently available, Spain is by far the most popular yoga destination in Europe. Its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and an exquisite cuisine help Spain to gather over 75 thousand monthly searches online from people who want to practice yoga immersed in its folkloric culture. Ibiza, Alicante and the Canary Islands are some of the most recurred regions in the country.


At least 70000 people search online for a yoga retreat in Greece and every year the Yogi turnover increase tourism and awareness. In Greece you can choose between great island destinations, Kithira is only one of them, Paros, Idra and Skyros have great yoga facilities too.

3- Italy

This charming country is among the top 3 European yoga destinations. Famous for its cheerful population, exquisite food, and top-notch fashion, Italy also holds some of the best yoga retreats in Europe to make it a remarkable yoga destination. Over 60 thousand yogis per month look for a yoga retreat in Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany or any of the other regions that currently comprise a little less than 100 different yoga holidays available.

4-United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom might not be blessed with the more favorable weather of the previous countries, but it still offers lots of fantastic yoga retreats in England, Scotland and Wales! From the wide territory and endless possibilities in London, to the quaint villages and rustic houses in the countryside, thousand of yogis look for possibilities to spend a yoga break on one of the plenty programs available.


Croatia completes my list of top 5 yoga destinations in Europe, and it doesn’t come as a surprise to me considering the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and its surroundings. The Croatian beaches might not have as many retreats at the moment, but it is an up and coming yoga destination that is gaining popularity as shown by its thousand engines searches in average.


Stay tuned in case you want to know my next suggestion for yoga retreats..

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