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ParkoLife | Yoga Wish List

After a full month of window-shopping, now it’s time to refresh your Yoga wardrobe. I am in Italy, and while pushing the pram I came across some fantastic outfits. Buying all of them will turn my wallet green...

Save time (and money)-Sophia Kinsela would agree- and check here what I did for you....

The question is: “Where can I find great Yoga clothes without sacrificing the next SPA treat?” .

On line or not, now you can really find smart stuff and good quality fabrics, not always Made in Italy but for sure 100% craftly and whiz.

Usually I go for white but for this winter I go back to black, and my imperative is to be comfortable. .

This is my wish list:

-For your Ashtanga yoga class: seamless leggings and workout top.

-For you easy comfy Hatha yoga session: here you have my favourite seasonal leggings matching a loose 3/4 arm length blouse.

-AcroYoga and Aerial session: create your style with singlet and top and slinky leggings all available in different (dark) colours.

And if you really can’t fear to feel the freeze, here you go: some tosty oversize.. here and here!.

Let me hear your voice. If this post helped you drive your wallet syndrome, drop me a like.

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