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ParkoLife | What's AcroYoga?

On my last Yoga blog I selected the 3 most famous Yoga teachers alive at this very moment. Now, I focus on something different, keeping the attention on Yoga philosophy and lifestyle.

Funny enough, last Friday at the beginning of the first AcroYoga class of the season, the youngest student ask me:

WHAT'S ACROYOGA? It is pretty obvious that in a yoga world bombarded with new yoga styles and contemporary yoga models, young students (she is 13 years old) feel ungrounded and honest enough to go back to the root. I perfectly understand from where this question came from.

I reply to you as I replied to Sara’s quench for the truth. As European born, I can’t talk about a topic without mentioning its history. In this way, let’s set a easy comparison between Yoga and the world map.

Let’s pretend that the world is divided into Yoga continents. You have the oldest continents - Europe and Asia represented by Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. America is represented by Vinyasa and Vinyasa flow Yoga. Africa contains all these kinds of Yoga such as: Bikram, Power, Hot, Kundalini, Schiavarelli and Forrest. And finally the newborn Australia is a nest for contemporary yoga styles, where AcroYoga, Aerial, Yoga on Sup, YogaDance (and many more) coexist in peace and love.

Australia was discovered later than America, but it doesn’t’ mean that it didn’t exist before. In the same way, the root of AcroYoga was found hundred of years ago, when Krishnamacharya- the father of modern yoga- was flying a student in 1938..

Then in 2006 Jason Namer and Jenny Klein made AcroYoga accessible by deconstructing its part into acrobatic, fitness and partner training. They founded and since then it became a success!

By now AcroYoga It is a young discipline that combines acrobatics and sequences of Yoga Vinyasa or Hatha to form figures, balance and harmony between two or more people. One of the elements that differentiates AcroYoga from traditional Yoga is precisely on the will to work together, to synchronize body and mind and to create team spirit. Sometimes it is this aspect that drives an amateur to go further, the desire to be part of a group. Personally it is my favourite bit! Obviously the acrobatic part is fundamental and as the practice extends, it becomes more pronounced. AcroYoga is now a method to know oneself in relation to others and to define personal will and determination.

AcroYoga is practiced by over one million people internationally, this tradition and social innovation is shared through movement, connection and play.

The more we move, the more we take this practice to the places that is needed the most. The more we connect , the more we understand each other. The more we all play, the more we are in the present moment"

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I did, and if you like to share knowledge this is your opportunity to drop a like on my blog page. See you in two weeks!

"Thai Massage " ParkoLife