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Is This For You?

You're looking for change

You’re looking for change. You’re ready to experience deep, sustainable transformation of your body and mind – in beautiful natural surroundings.

You want to know what it feels like to reach your optimum level of physical and mental wellbeing. To enjoy discovering what you’re capable of with holistic, professional support from people as committed as you are to living their full potential.

You love the idea of expert guidance to bring clarity on your goals, help you move past stress and fear, and support you to be the best you can be in your mind and body.

You’ve probably tried challenging yourself already: with training, retreats, fitness programs, nutritional guidance. The trouble is, on their own, these approaches can sometimes feel as though they’re missing part of the puzzle (probably because they’re looking at one area of your life rather than your whole-body wellbeing).

What’s missing is a holistic approach which looks at your body, mind and spirit together, combined with individual support to help you meet your own unique challenges.

Are you:
Passionate and curious?
Ready to work hard to accomplish your goals?
Willing to share your experiences with others – to be part of a committed community?
Happy to invest in yourself: financially and with your time and energy?
Looking for an alternative to the other things you’ve tried; open to new approaches?
Someone with a background in sport or other physical activity?
Motivated to reach a new level of fitness?

We offer:
Personal Training combined with powerful lifestyle coaching, so you can create the perfect mindset for success.

Group Training for people with similar body types and needs, so you can be motivated and inspired by others travelling the same path.

Food advice and personalized diets for specific training needs or controlled weight loss.

Hatha Yoga and breathing techniques to detox and bring deep calm to your whole body.

Vinyasa Yoga if you want to sweat it out...

AcroYoga to discover what your body can do!

Individual or Group Mindful Meditation to allow you to control your thoughts and find peace.

Capoeira to help you enjoy life, celebrate music and movement and strengthen your body.

Thai Massage for deep muscular relaxation and toning.

Shiatsu Massage to restabilize and restore balance to your body

We believe that with a passionate and committed team around you, anyone can achieve their goals.

We'd love to support you to reach yours.

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi