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"Taking the steps to transform your life can feel incredible..."

If I drew a picture of myself, I would show you me standing in warrior pose. I'm strong, but my arms and my heart are wide open.

The road which led me here was a winding one, and it's taught me this: Sometimes, life throws unexpected challenges our way.

In that moment it might feel like the end of the world.

But that terrifying place could also mark the beginning of the most beautiful journey of your life.

Even without a life-changing event, fear often shows up when we embrace something new. But growth and change don't need to be scary.

With the right tools and teachers, taking the steps to transform your life can feel incredible.

How it all began

I'd always been hungry to see the world. I was born in Italy, and travelled to Spanish Town, Jamaica to complete my college studies, where I immersed myself in local culture by living with a Jamaican family (I'm still in touch with them today). At 24, I finished university and left again, this time for the UK.

Ten years later I was living in London and working for some of the best fashion houses in the world - wearing beautiful clothes, spending my days with wealthy people buying luxury goods. I loved my life. I had no way of knowing that everything was about to change.

Then, out of nowhere, it happened.

I had a stroke.

It came without warning during a normal working day.

I was rushed to hospital, and shortly after arriving, I suffered a second stroke.

The first affected my hypothalmus, leaving me with memory loss and difficulty organising my thoughts - effectively, I became dyslexic. This time, the second stroke impacted my motor skills; my movement.

I was very young, and I was lucky; I wasn't left paralysed. But the damage to my mind and my body was permanent.

Everything was turned upside down. I had to learn to heal myself.

Learning to breathe

I'd always been drawn to alternative practices and the esoteric world, and as I began my recovery I remembered a reading I'd had many years before.

I'd been told that there was 'a lot of drama' in my future, and my only hope was to 'learn to breathe'.

At the time, I'd been confused. But as part of my rehabilitation, something drew me to study yoga in more depth.

In our very first class, my yoga teacher said to me "You've done this before". I hadn't. But I couldn't deny that the asanas, the mantras, the images, felt familiar. I still don't know how to explain that in a logical way. Yoga felt to me like coming home - in particular the pranayama (breathing) practices.

So as it turned out, in this dark tunnel, it was indeed learning to breathe which saved me.

I was hooked, and I began to explore holistic therapy and wellbeing with a passion. I returned to Asia, where I'd already travelled on a number of occasions, immersing myself in Thai Yoga Massage training for a full season in Chiang Mai. I visited Bhutan, the 'Land of Happiness', for 16 beautiful, meditative days, and completed my yoga studies in India in 2011.

I returned to work but moved from Luxury Goods to Human Resources, eventually becoming HR Director. I loved taking people to the next level, seeing them get better and stronger in their work and reach their goals just as I do now as a yoga instructor. The threads of my passions were drawing together.

As the years passed I completed further training in holistic therapies, intrigued by the different ways of understanding the energies which flow through us. Eventually, it was time to walk my own path. After 12 years in London I left my career in fashion, and moved across the city to start a new life as a yoga instructor.

The meeting which changed everything

In May 2011 I was in a cafe with my students after teaching my very first yoga class. The windows were steamed up and we were laughing and joking as the rain poured down outside. That's when Panagis walked in.

As soon as I saw him I said, "that's my husband". My friend laughed. But my intuition was right. As I got up to go, Panagis spoke. "Don't leave" he said.

That was how we found each other.

Panagis isn't just my soulmate. It feels as though we were drawn together for a reason. Our partnership has a positive impact on the lives of everyone around us - friends, families, colleagues and clients.

In Panagis I've found someone who is as passionate as I am about using yoga and transcendental meditation (along with other holistic techniques) as tools to bring strength and courage to peoples' lives.

These days, AcroYoga and Power Yoga have become the two main areas I practice and teach. It feels like no accident that founding Parko and doing work I love has led me to a place where I'm stronger and more powerful than ever.

If you've also gone through a big life event, or you're feeling the call to make a change, to grow into the person you're meant to be - to tap into your dreams, reach your goals and transform your life - then I'd love to work with you..

Parko is the space we have created to hold your beautiful transformation, to allow you to step into your power.

I can't wait to meet you.

Chiara's qualifications

-500h Sivananda Yoga teacher
-Reiki Master
-School of Shiatsu UK
-Thai Massage
-Professional Palm Reader
-200 h Acro Yoga Teacher

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