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ParkoLife | Calories and bank account

Everyone has a bank account.

Everyone should manage it steadily.

For everybody the goal is to increase their money into the account, obviously.

And, how would you do that?

The easiest method is to monitor your daily income and expenses, at least every 3-5 days. By this way you can keep a track of any potential increase or decrease of your money savings. Simple.

The body works exactly in the same way. It is like a “bank account”, where the Income is the calories taken and expenses is the calories spent.

So, how are you bloody going to lose weight if you don’t monitor closely how much you eat and how much you spend?

Before to keep on reading, let me dust the previous blog post concept: There are 3 macronutrients. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates (CHO) and each one of them contains a specific number of calories, exactly as:

1 gram of:

• Protein has 4 calories

• Fat has 9 calories

• CHO has 4 calories

• Special category: Alcohol has 7 calories

Question No1: How you calculate your daily calorie requirements?

Meaning, how much energy do you need to put inside your body daily?

Answer: just go here input your data and get the result you need. And now let me give you an example: Let’s say the calculation is giving 2000 calories.

You have 3 options to gain them up:

• You can eat daily 2000 calories, and your weight stays the same.

• You eat daily less than 2000 calories, and your weight goes down.

• You eat daily more than 2000 calories, and your weight goes up.

Crystal clear no? Everyone understands that. No one does it.

Now this number of your daily expenditure changes during the years. Activity changes, weight changes, age changes. So it needs to be adjusted.

Question No2:

How do you know how many calories you eat?

Answer: Here is all the drama of the world. Who the f*** wants to count calories??


Didn’t you agree before about the way to manage your bank account? How does it make sense to do it for your money and not for your body? How is money more important than health?

An easy way to realize how many calories you eat is to write down everything you eat on a daily basis. Everything. Even the little piece of chocolate you think is made by thin air.

The best way to do this is by clicking here. You spend 5-10 minutes to find and calculate the calories of all the food you consume. It does it for you, no need any math degree.

Finally, you compare this number with the number from Question No1, basically with your daily calorie requirements and then your strategy begins! If you know your numbers, you can do everything. Knowledge is power. You manipulate your diet the way you want. As I do. As my wife does.

And now the last part of this post: Where do the macronutrients come into play? Just by pure knowledge. You have to know that when you eat chicken, you are eating calories coming from protein and fat. How many? Say, you eat 100gr of chicken breast. This has 30gr of protein and 8gr of fat. Do the math with the numbers above= (30gr protein x 4 cal) + (8gr fat x 9 cal) = 192 calories.

This applies to every single ingredient you put in your stomach. You need to educate yourself and learn what each food contains.

You need to know that olive oil is pure fat. You need to know that animal meat and fish has just protein and fat. You must know that fruits and vegetables have mainly carbohydrates.

After saying this, you can say to have no time to count your calories every day. And this is fair enough tho! But…. As for your bank account, try to check what comes in every 3-5 days.

And then slowly, you’ll start learning what each food contains, what makes you fat, what keeps you hungry and what gives you extra energy. Then you will be able to control your weight the way you want. Up or down.

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ParkoLife | The scale paradox

It’s time.

You want to be sexy and desired again.

It’s never too late.

So, you started going to the gym.

You make huge effort the first week.

You even started dieting. You try for at least 6 days to stick to your nutrition plan. Sunday is always free. No?

You wake up Monday morning, go to the toilet, release. Then you get ready, almost half asleep to scale yourself. Because, yes, after 7 days of “hardcore”, “superhuman” effort, you deserve to lose at least 3kg!


God damn! Scale is wrong! For sure.

You come down, scale yourself 10 more times. No, this bloody scale you got on offer needs to be thrown away.

It just can’t be true! Instead of losing, you re heavier 2kg.

Your whole world collapses.

Your muscly, almost model like trainer doesn’t do his job correctly; he thinks you want to become a bodybuilder. But you told him you want to lose weight, not to become big!!!

Maybe is your dietician. You told her you can’t just eat chicken and salad. It’s boring. Next week the same food again???

You doubt everyone. Slowly, yourself as well.

All this effort for nothing. You are thinking about stopping. Doesn’t worth after all….



Everything is fine.

This is what is supposed to happen normally.

You actually need this to happen. Otherwise sexy curves are not created.

So let me explain you in few, simple words, why you gain weight when you start training.

2 reasons.

Firstly, working out causes little tears on your muscle fibers (this triggers the soreness within the first 48hours). Your body then needs to heal. Needs to repair the muscle fibers and make them even stronger than before. The body eventually starts a healing procedure that causes inflammation to the specific area. Various substances are gathered at the inflamed area. Blood vessels are opening up to release toxins and finally get healed. The area that got inflamed and gathered all the fluids, clearly, will weigh more!

That’s why your legs look swollen the next day you did your squats.

That’s why the number on the scale is higher than before.

Aaaa, for you to know, this procedure is part of a process called homeostasis – adaptation.

Secondly and less unlikely for your weight to go up, could be that you put on more muscles than the fat you burned.

Read again. Take your time.

In a week!?!? Forget it. Almost impossible.

But this is going to happen after a while. You’re going to build muscles and burn fat while doing exercise and keeping tight to your diet. Muscles weigh more than fat and occupy less space. So in your body frame, the composition of muscles/fat will have changed. Muscles will occupy less space but the weight could be the same or higher. The scale number will be the same as before but the mirror image will tell another story.

Easy and clear?

I bet you understood now and everything is crystal clear.

Nevertheless, I have a question for you.

When did you start judging whether you look sexy or not, from the scale?!?!

I thought the only true judge of your sexiness is the mirror. Am I wrong?

So why do you care so much about a number?

Who is going to ask your weight if you look like Monica Belucci at her best?

Does it matter if you are 5kg more, but your abdominals are finally visible and your butt pops out like a perfectly shaped watermelon?

Think about it.

Scale or mirror?? Who should be the judge?

If you need more advices of how to make your body look sexy like Jessica Rabbit, book a Skype Coaching Call sending an email to

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ParkoLife | How to get a curvy bum and tight abs with 30 minutes training

First of all, if you are reading this and you are a man, continue. The post has useful tips even for you. Why do you think women like Brazilian exotic boys after all?

But this article is mainly for you. You, young lady, that you’re struggling on the treadmill in the gym every day and you don’t see these butt chicks lifting. Or you do 1000 abdominal crunches, as your trainer said, and there is still a cloak of fat above your belly.


Don’t worry. And I’m going to give it to you.

But first I want you to understand something else.

So read it below. And then go to the solution. Otherwise it won’t work.

Before you go to the gym, or in any other place to exercise you have to prepared.


You can’t be exhausted from work and starving, and expect to perform at your training. You will just lose your time. And money. Better stay home and sleep.

Also, you can’t go to the gym to look for a potential husband and expect to get your body toned as well. You need to choose. It’s like having sex with your partner and on the same time having him texting with another girl!

Yes, this is essential. You need to understand that when you go training, you need to be present and focused. 100%. Nothing else gets between you and your ass pumping!

So are you ready for the solution?

Actually, when you read it, you will say, pfff easy, I knew it. One more point minus then, because you knew it and you didn’t do it.

So, in order to have these buttocks of yours high like a gazelle and abs that look amazing with your bikini, you need to do one single thing:


And how you do this?

You simply squeeze and tight your abs and glutes in everything you do. You work your arms and shoulders? Tight your abs and glutes. You train your calves? Squeeze abs and glutes like a maniac.

Even if you stand in front of the mirror fixing your hair, abs and glutes have to be on fire.

Dont worry, no one is looking at your ass. Everyone is focused on their own insecurities.

Basically what you want to do, is activate at the maximum the areas that tend to accumulate fat.

How? If you tight the area of interest, more blood is going to pass from there. Muscles will start to activate again and slowly will escape the dormant phase you ‘ve left them.

And of course be patient. Patience is a virtue.

Don’t expect things to change in a day or a week. Give at least 90 days. With a normal, relaxed pace you can see lots of difference.

Finally, don’t fool yourself. If you continue eating like a little elephant ( watch this video here ----->, abs and glutes will be tight and firm, but you won’t be able to see them.

Now if you want to know more about how to make your abdominals and glutes be and look amazing, you can book a Skype Coaching Call with me, by sending an email to:

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ParkoLife | Everything is possible

I watched the Rio 2016 Olympics with pure devotion. Especially the sports I find exciting and that I understand.

One of the first Greek medals was won was for women 's shooting . However, when I watched the medal ceremony and saw the the Greek flag on the top spot, my eyes were grabbed by something else.

The bronze medalist, standing on the podium, wasn't your typical Olympic medallist. She was obviously overweight and apparently a long way away from the "Healthy mind in a healthy body" ideal.

If this lady had been competing in the times of Ancient Greece, she wouldn’t have even allowed to compete at the Olympics, as she wouldn't represent the idea of "beauty - καλλος".

But of course, we’re no longer in Ancient Greece and there are certainly no nude competitors anymore!.

The possibilities are endless, in the modern world. Today, the chance of success is much higher than it was back then. Today there are many different sports available to compete in, many of which do not require any physical effort. (e.g. shooting, archery, golf). Obviously they require other technical abilities and skills, and still require mental focus, strength and accuracy But these sports still allow you to win an Olympic gold medal. And when you listen your national anthem, and your name is written down in history, no one really cares what sport you did it in.

So where am I going with this?

You want to become an olympic gold medalist, but you like to eat and not exercise?. No problem, become an olympic pistol shooter!

Of course, I’m kidding.

In life - with a lazy mentality, it’s difficult to get anywhere.

I don’t personally know the lady who won the bronze medal in shooting (she is 47y.o.) and I have no idea if she suffers from any health issues.

But I know one thing for sure.

In order to become an olympic gold medalist in any sport, you need to put in some serious effort. And this lady definitely did that. Perhaps in this instance, it just wasn't physical effort. We all know how challenging and tired we get when you use your brain for long periods of concentration- like when studying for exams.

And here it comes.

If you want to do something, just do it.

Try at least.

Then try some more.

Don't fall upon excuses that other people are more naturally gifted than you are.

Discover that area in your own life where you are exceptional. Discover that thing that you do better than anyone else you know. There will be at least one thing! Think about it closely.

And once you find it, once you settle upon it - focus on and develop this thing to it’s maximum. Forget about your weaknesses and focus on this strength of yours.

Then - Slowly slowly, constistently and with hard work – you will begin to overcome any obstacle. Never forget where you started from. Remind yourself always of this thing that you do better than anyone else. Practise it more and more. The sky is the limit.

And, then - who knows!

Someday, at any age, at any place you might become the "Olympic gold medalist" you have been dreaming of.

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ParkoLife | You want to be fit and you have no time?

Everything in life is about efficiency. You want to spend the least amount of time/money/effort and get the maximum result.

You always look for shop sales and ask discounts. You always want to minimize the time you travel to work. And you always want to do the minimum for your hyperactive children to go early to bed!

In fitness, things are the same. What I always say to the people I train is, that every exercise they practice has to have a meaning. An end goal. It has to take them somewhere they want.

So the game is pretty simple:

You just need to put the pieces together and be smart.

I know you are smart.

I bet is easy to understand what movements you need to train so as to perform better in your daily routine.

The problem is that most of the people don’t think that way. They need chewed food for many reasons. Mostly because of lack of time.

But let me ask you the following:

You are extremely busy, stressed, you don’t even have time to sit down and eat – and you struggle to find 1 hour per week to train your body.

Why don’t you spend some time to understand why you do that specific “muscle building” or “fat loss” program?

Or do you really need to spend 40min on the treadmill?

What is the real reason you do these squats and push ups in agony and sweat and you can’t wait the session to finish?

Have you ever asked your trainer (if you have one) why you do for example 6 repetitions in one exercise and 20 in another?

I could go on forever…

But where am I getting with this?

Listen to a story before.

Last weekend I had just finished a beach volleyball match. I was relaxing next to the court – eating as Dionysos God my fresh grapes.

A skinny guy arrived, lets call him Giannis, with his trendy Ray-ban glasses, all pumped up saying hi to everyone. I thought he would do some volleyball practice, but instead he went straight to an area where they do some strength and conditioning. There is a pull up bar, some small kettlebells, a barbell with no more than 30kg and the ground.

So, the guy, after 30 secs of “warm up” started training. I, as a “fitness pervert”, of course I looked what exercises he did, I even counted his repetitions.

He was doing quarter squats, half push ups, upright rows with wrong posture and some funny abdominal work. But the guy went mad. He was doing as many reps as he could. 50, 70, 100, 500, 1000, I don’t know. I lost counting after a while and got bored looking.

I normally offer my advice to anyone for free. So this wasn’t any other case. When he finished his marathon of repetitions, I went and asked him why he trained so much and whether he would compete to any sort of endurance challenge. And you know what he replied? “No man, I just want to become big”.

Now everything depends on your knowledge and critical thinking.

How is possible for someone to grow big and put on muscles if he does hundreds of repetitions with a load of a small, skinny body?

Ok, don’t tell me that your favorite trainer on YouTube is doing just Body Weight exercises. You can’t be so naïve…

You don’t need to understand exactly how the aerobic and the anaerobic system on your body works, but look around you.

Which athlete is big and muscly? Who is skinny and light framed?

Go to the next question.

What training do they do to become like this?

And to the next one. Don’t be afraid, ask it. (Don’t even mention anabolics here – you re just trying to find excuses)

Could I do the same training to become like that?

Ok. Now I m oversimplifying things. But you need to be mindful.

You need take action after planning.

Someone, obviously with no knowledge, told Giannis that he needed to do as many push ups as he could so as to grow big. And the poor guy, for the sake of the repetitions he was sacrificing his technique, his reasoning and his time. No efficiency at all. (Actually I saw him the next day and he had injured his knee…)

Now to give you the answer, this is the rule:

In order to become big, or even when you want to lose weight, you need to become strong.

I repeat it so you can fix it clearly in your mind:

In order to become big, or even when you want to lose weight, you need to become strong.

End of the story.

Strength is the base of everything.

First is strength and then is everything else (power, explosiveness, aerobic capability etc.). So if you want to grow like Hulk you need to work for absolute strength. Heavy weight and low reps. There is no way around it.

First option is when you have the possibility to go to the gym. Dead easy. What you need to do is few compound muscle building movements with progressively heavy load for low reps. What does this mean? No more than 20-30min every time in the gym, exercises that activate many muscles, right technique, focused, no phone close to you, appropriate rest between sets and you re done. Your body doesn't need too much to change. A little bit more every day.

But my skinny friend, Giannis, has no access to a gym or heavy weights. Then obviously he has to be intelligent and use something else instead of external weight.

You guessed right. His body. He needs to do difficult bodyweight exercises (chin ups, 1 arm push ups, 1 leg squats, jumps, planks etc.) to give the neurological signal to the body in order to grow. Simple as that. Not too much time. 15-20 min with a well designed program – full of efficiency, Giannis in a sort amount of time he will have the results he wants. (Again don’t hide behind the excuse that these exercises are too difficult – there are progressions, see the VIDEO ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

And to go back to what I was saying at the very beginning:

Use internet to educate your knowledge about the exercises you do.

You don’t have time?

Are you sure?

Instead of spending 20min on social networks, spend 10 instead. The other 10 look up how are you going to do one thing and only:

How to force this fragile body of yours to transform into a strong one.

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ParkoLife | You are afraid because you don't know.

I used to be a swimmer. Slim and long. Broad shoulders and long thin legs.

I spent most of my time in the swimming pool. Not in the gym. Simple reason was, there weren’t many weight exercises you could do to simulate the swimming pattern.

Eventually, after 17 years of swimming, a "weight-free training" mentality was imprinted in my brain. With no specific reason. No one cared to explain me why I should or should not do any weights. Maybe they didn’t know back then.

On top of that, when I was young, I could pick up any sport easily and perform it with success. But it was never injury-free (guess why).

I always thought, spending time in the weight room is pointless. Since swimming training enables me to do any sport I want, this is the path. Bodyweight exercises and multi-sporting is the way forward.

After I finished the army and being slightly bored of swimming, I decided to join my local gym. And there I saw him for the first time. With flesh and bones. Not in a bloody magazine. There he was. Huge, scary, like Goliath, with a V-neck t-shirt down to the belly button and two trunks for legs. He was looking around like he owned the space. And the people.

"He is a bodybuilder" the trainer told me, laying his arm on my skinny shoulder. Like if I didn’t know. But the smirk on his face wanted to emphasize that not even in 100 years I could put on that amount of muscle.

From that moment instead of trying to understand the nature of being a bodybuilder, I always denied it. I felt a sense of antipathy for these bloated bodies. And I bet you feel the same. Every time you see them training next to you.

You see these massive, dysmorphic bodies and you think it s all about drugs. You think that they are just a creation of HGH, Testosterone, chicken and rice.

And when you go to the gym, you try to stay as far as possible. Maybe you are scared a bit. Just a little bit. I was. For sure. No one can deny that they are intimidating.

And you know what I did every time I was going to the gym?

I got the pre-set exercise program and tried to manipulate it myself. I preferred more "functional" and "fun" exercises, instead of the boring squat and deadlift. I tried to do exercises that were hard or physically difficult for a bodybuilder to do. And I was proud I could do them compared to the "un functional" gym freaks.

But you know what happened throughout the years? Even though I did my studies as a coach/trainer and started to understand how the body works, still the gap between me and the bodybuilding community grew bigger. And so did my fear for them. My mind couldn't accept the truth of how these colossal bodies are created.

Until 2 years ago, when I was offered to attend a bodybuilding coaching school in Greece. I knew I wouldn't get any new knowledge for my clients, but it was a great opportunity for two reasons.

First to start researching about bodybuilding in a deeper level and second to face my fear. And face my fear through knowledge. I was determined to get to the heart of this myth and overcome one of my life obstacles.

And so I did. For 2 years I studied hard. Both the actual science and broscience. I watched several videos of bodybuilders in the gym and competitions. I read plenty of reports, scientific articles and interviews of people related somehow to bodybuilding. I tried to figure out why people tend to keep a distance from them. I wanted to understand what is there to be scared of.

And here I am now. A qualified Bodybuilding coach, finishing first in my class, giving you the answer.

You simply don’t know.

You have no idea what a bodybuilder does throughout his day.

You don’t see it, but this is his job, to grow bigger.

You cant conceive that he might train 3 or 4 times per day.

You don’t recognize that he spends most of his Sunday preparing his meals for the following week.

You don’t understand that sleeping is a must and social life is limited.

You bet he is on drugs – anabolics and you don’t know there are naturals as well.

You can’t imagine the stress he puts his body into, so as to get to the "shredded - cut - photo-shoot" result.

You didn’t even know that are categories in bodybuilding competitions.

And this lack of knowledge makes you afraid. You are not afraid of people who don’t jump high (Sotomayor) or run fast (Bolt) or swim every style (Phelps). You are just afraid of someone who looks bigger than you. Human nature….

And the most important. For you beautiful ladies, Eleni, Athina, Christina, Matina, Teta, Georgia, Evaggelia, Marina, Sophia, Elena, Maria, Dimitra, Elina that you come to Parkolab for training. You don’t even realize, that when you are deadlifting to make these glutes get more rounded, you are just being another body-builder. In a smaller version of course.

So where I m getting with all this bodybuilding story?

It s all about knowledge. Knowledge is power.

When you are afraid of something try to learn everything about it.

When you are intimidated by someone try to meet him.

Whatever troubles you, analyze it.

Get to the heart of the cause that makes you insecure.

How are you going to get the knowledge? Easy.

Read books, participate on events, watch seminars on line, watch movies, travel, meet new people, try new things, be curious and ask, find mentors and let them guide you.

And of course my dear little bird, never stop aiming for the best. Use the knowledge you get to plan and lead a life of value. If you think about it, this is the only reason you wake up every morning.

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